Paulo José Henrique de Alcântara

+55 (81) 3059-4230
(...) we lawyers are not the mercenary instruments of the parties' interests. (...) we are the natural and legal auxiliaries of justice; and, for my part, whenever a consultation arises before me, a legal case is formulated, I always see it as if I were a magistrate to whom it was proposed to resolve the law litigated between parties. Therefore, I do not run from responsibility except when my conscience repels it”.
Ruy Barbosa


Paulo H. Alcantara is a lawyer specialized in Civil Procedural Law, with a career dedicated to Corporate Litigation, with strategic performance in the fields of Specialized Labor Justice and Common and Federal Civil Justice, and vast experience in the conduction of judicial proceedings related to Judicial Reorganization and Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Consumer Relations.

Academic Background

Bachelor's Degree in Law, Maurício de Nassau College.
Post-graduate in Civil Procedural Law, Anhanguera Educacional.


Portuguese, English and German.


  • Brazilian Bar Association (Pernambuco Section).

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